About Us

HCES, a medical outsourcing company proficient in healthcare revenue cycle management has outclassed business services and solutions. It is owned and operated by business entrepreneurs with decades of vast collective experiences from the corporate world and successful start-ups world over. Success wasn’t achieved overnight, it was a gradual process but the product has been exemplary. The basic idea of being Qualitative along with being quantitative is what makes it stand apart. Over a season of a few start-up ventures, tests and trials HCES has been climbing the ladder of success ever since.


It wasn’t a facilitating pike though, one of the primary challenges that we faced as a baseline company was the dearth of financial resources. We have experienced the fallback concerning the same and worked our heads-up to envisage a permanent sustainable solution that would allure the growth of the company by all means.

With the help of an ambitious and scintillating team comprising of, we identified solutions that allowed the business to remain in control of the process while reducing risk and overhead costs; holding onto as much revenue as possible. HCES prioritizes its clients and strives to provide them with long-term sustainable growth in achieving their business goals through a range of high-quality and cost-effective IT Solutions.

HCES offers unique outsourcing services, We take two business models, outsourcing and in-sourcing, and combine them into co-sourcing. Co-sourcing fills the gaps in internal expertise thus saving businesses time, money, and effort involved in recruiting additional staff. The additional staff, services, and support that HCES provides allow our clients to maintain operational control and reduce their overhead costs associated with business operations; allowing unrealized funds to be realized and put to productive means and utilization.



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