Who are these Virtual Navigators?

All HCES Virtual Navigators must take and pass a rigorous medical terminology and anatomy training course.  Many of our scribes have already successfully gone through this training and come to us with several years of practical experience either in a physician’s clinic or hospital setting.

In either case, another level of education is implemented when HCES insures that every Navigator is thoroughly familiar with the specialty for which they will work.  Additionally, they will become conversant with the EHR that their physicians will use.

During this entire process, HCES provides one on one supervision and guidance by experienced experts along with a comprehensive internship period so that each Navigator is ready to serve our clients on day one.  

Once the Virtual Navigator is assigned to a client, they stick with that client.  In this way, the provider & Navigator can become familiar with each other’s pattern of working and talking.  In this business, familiarity tends to breed greater efficiencies and error free charting.