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Health Care Expert Solutions (“HCES”) corporation is a healthcare BPO company which provides a software infrastructure and ecosystem focused on bringing cost savings and efficiencies to both physicians and medical offices.


Medical offices have been faced with two forces over the past decade that have reduced their bottom line.

First, there has been a systemic inflation-adjusted decrease in reimbursement from Medicare, Medicaid, HMO’s and insurance companies fueled by the national need to cut healthcare costs.

Second, there has been a mandated transition to move offices toward a paperless and digital system. The transition to digital environment promises great benefits to the healthcare systems and a society as a whole. But, this move has been haphazard and poorly designed to protect physicians from new inefficiencies that actually increase physician time in nonclinical, non-revenue generating activities.


HCES offers Digital Virtualization Service that Addresses the Cost and Quality Challenges of Documenting the Patient-Physician Encounter through an EMR.


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